Adoptive parents, children and birth families sometimes have specific concerns or experience issues which differ from traditional family problems, and it can often be helpful to talk to someone objective who is experienced in all aspects of adoption.

At various stages throughout your family life you may need some advice and support to deal with the complexities adoption can bring. We are here to help, at every stage of your journey. We provide a wide and extensive range of adoption support services for adopters and their children, birth families and adopted people. Our knowledgeable and committed adoption support team will support you throughout the whole process and beyond. 

For a detailed explanation of the support services we offer, please visit our Guide to Adoption Support Services  page.

Adoptive families

Adoptive families are able to request an adoption support assessment at any time and access our range of targeted and specialist support groups. These include therapeutic parenting, non-violent resistance and children’s play groups, amongst others. We also offer workshops which cover a range of topics such as attachment and brain development, working with schools and parenting in the digital world. We can also support you on a one to one basis and give you access to additional therapy through the Adoption Support Fund if we decide collectively that it’s the right option for your family.

If you are an approved adopter enquiring about support when your social worker is unavailable, please ring our duty system on 0161 234 5268 or fill out our online form

Birth families

If your child has been adopted, we can support you with any specialist advice and counselling you need. We can also support you in maintaining (indirect) contact with the adoptive family through our Letterbox Service, which involves an exchange of letters between the adopters and the birth family, on an annual basis. We understand that adopted children benefit from having an understanding of their family history.

This service enables recent, up-to-date information about birth families to be shared with adoptive parents and communicated sensitively with the child. 

Knowing that their birth families are still interested and care about them can significantly help with a child’s development and mental wellbeing. Birth families can also be reassured that the child is happy and secure. 

If you are a birth relative enquiring about letterbox please contact your allocated letterbox coordinator or ring 0161 234 5268 or fill out our online form.

Adopted adults

If you are an adopted adult and live in one of our five local authorities (Cheshire East, Manchester, Salford, Stockport, and Trafford) we can help you find out more about your birth family history. This involves supporting you to access your adoption records and providing information and advice about how to trace members of your birth family, if you make that the decision to do so.

If you are an adopted adult enquiring about access to records or other support please contact the local authority in which you live or call 0161 234 5268 or fill out our online form.




"Our social worker and the boy’s foster carer couldn’t have been more supportive. We still keep in touch now, three years later." 


"We made friends with other potential adopters in the training group, building up a support network early on."
Rebecca and Michael